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Skodtec elevators is one of the best elevator maintenance companies in dubai. Firstly, We offer maintenance of all types of lifts all over the UAE. Secondly, Our team of 75 members (employees) consists of Engineer, Supervisor, Technicians and qualified assistants who got well training and high experience. Also they are thoroughly familiar with all major makes of elevators. Needless to mention, all of our staff is up-to-date with International safety regulations.

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We continue to concentrate on professional training, emerging technology and development , process optimization and information systems. So, that we can provide to our customer with better support

elevator maintenance companies in dubai

Lift Maintenance An elevator carefully maintained will run safely for a lifetime.

Preventive maintenance schedule including inspections, lubrication, adjustments and repair/replacement of parts for each units under service. Visits will plan as per schedule to work out the characteristics of parts and equipment in order to minimize the risk of failure or breakdown. Certainly, Our technical specialists carry out an audit of the equipments safety and quality in two years. Moreover, this will be present to the client up on request, with recommendations for the upgrading, modernization or replacement of parts for the improvement of the performance of the Elevator.

More than 1400 units under maintenance spreading over entire UAE
More than 1400 units under maintenance spreading over entire UAE
24 Emergency Call back maintenance for quick response
24 Emergency Call back maintenance for quick response
Preventive Maintenance Program as per international Standards
Preventive Maintenance Program as per international Standards
Well Trained Engineers
Well Trained Engineers & Technicians for our all maintenance works.

Skodtec is one of the best elevator maintenance companies in dubai

Safety and reliability are skodtec foremost concerns since our company’s earliest days for elevator maintenance companies in dubai. Moreover, skodtec has one among the best safety records within the elevator industry. In addition, We work constantly to enhance the safety of existing products and develop safer technologies for brand spanking new products in dubai, sharjah & abu dhabi.

elevator maintenance companies in uae

Skodtec offers the most smooth, reliable and cost effective elevator service in the industry. Our credibility started with the unmatched quality of our journey.

Skodtec offers 2 types of maintenance:

Preventive maintenance: it involves several activities including:

  • Firstly, Regular cleaning and inspections
  • Secondly, Preservation of equipment and protection against environmental factors
  • Maintaining lubrication for all mechanical components
  • Checking all electromechanical components
  • Spare parts and consumables monitoring and supply

Corrective Maintenance: Likewise, Skodtec can respond promptly in the event of a component failure, identify the required repairs & parts, and return the equipment to operation in optimal time.

Skodtec’s Maintenance Activities:

  • Periodic visits from Skodtec’s staff to perform a regular check of all safety and vital elements of the Elevator(s), as well as all necessary adjustments of required parts for maximum efficiency.
  • During every visit, Skodtec’s servicemen will perform the greasing and cleaning of all elements that require lubricants.
  • Of course, Skodtec staffs will attend all call out notices to correct the failures of the Elevator. And put it back to normal and safe operation.
  • In addition, Skodtec will repair and replace all the faulty parts of the Elevator. Then will notify the client of the same.

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