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Allow your dream to come true by offering the comfortable luxury of home elevators in dubai to your family. Our ironic home elevators increase every home’s quality and comfort. Therefore, it can be easily built on existing or new buildings without a lift hoist way. They are also available in different sizes, for outdoor or indoor use. In addition with an amazing choice of cabin design and outdoor appearance for home lifts.

Home Elevators Our Collection

Skodfuji home lift SF300

Our SF300 model home lifts will coordinate perfectly with any home. Certainly, it does not require a wide range of arrangements and building work related to regular home elevators in dubai. But, we make efficient use of accessible space and adjustable lift arrangement. The enhanced villa elevators needs just a 5 cm pit and a 250 cm high frame. Therefore, it makes installation in limited spaces, without restricting the room in the cabin or the size of the doors.

Home Elevators

In a buzzing and ever-changing world, the serenity of nature remains

The space saving footprint and 360-degree panoramic glazing of the lift shaft make Skodfuji home lifts fit in any building. To sum up, Skodfuji home elevator cost is a successful investment. Above all, with a Lifetime Energy Label A of at least 25 years.

Skodfuji lift solution

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Reliable drive system 100% electric
  • Home elevator costs – a good alternative investment to residential elevators
  • Many exclusive designs option
  • Quality product

A smart home lift concept

home lift in dubai

The shaft of home lifts consists of different panels or glass panels. It is made of multi layer aluminum sandwich material through which a platform lifts passengers. Our ready-made villa elevators in dubai design and lightweight footprint have minimal structural impact on your home.

It takes full advantage of your limited space, as well as offering configurations for wheelchair accessibility if required.

You have a wide range of different door models, colors and finishes to customize your home elevators in dubai. The home elevator cost depends on the combination of setup and lift choices.

Safety is our priority

Safest elevator in dubaiSafety measures introduced in the SF300 home lifts conform with one of the stringent European EN81-41 standards. It consists of a separate safety system. That is to say, which means it will not be affected by mechanical faults to drive the system.

In case of power loss, the automated rescue system would carry the platform to the nearest level. While emergency situations, the lift mechanism is supplied with a manual emergency descent system.

Home lift control panel is be fitted with a special diagnostic module offering precise details on the state of both device nodes and panel sensors.

Screw-driven home lifts system ensures durability and the highest level of safety compared to other types of drives used in similar residential lifts.


A lift is more than an accessibility solution. So, it can be made into a beautiful architectural feature. Likewise, Skodfuji Lift gives you a broad variety of design choices that render our lifts ideal for any project.

Skodfuji home lifts combine the advantages of platform lift technology with the comfort of a fully enclosed cabin. Each lift have a handrail and push buttons, an LED light ceiling, a control panel and an inset mirror exudes timeless elegance.

The lift process is automate and practically soundless, rendering the ride as seamless and as secure as possible. There will be no uncomfortable feelings for sensitive people. The start and end of the lifting process is performing in very smooth easing algorithms.

residential elevators

Skodfuji home lift SF400

A lift is something more than a solution for accessibility. It will be transform into an attractive architectural feature. Skodfuji lift offers a wide range of design choices and accessories which make our lifts ideal for any project. SF400 model home lift uses the best accessible innovation for private lifts. Firstly, It gives an incredibly vital and productive, and practically quiet, powerful arrangement. Secondly, It is ideal for two or three floors, but can reach up to five or six floors. As well as, being suitable for installation on the inside or outside of the building.

Everything we did best, we’ve made even better.


home elevator abu dhabiSkodfuji creates your personalized home lift. In addition it decorates with special finishes and offers the perfect solution to meet the demanding needs of fashion and elegance. SF400 Home Lift is a tailored approach to the challenges of vertical movement. Moreover, it is both economically friendly and utilizes excellent technology.

It is born in order to guarantee the elimination of architectural barriers. The combined cabin and steel structure fulfill the architectural aspirations and composes an outstanding panoramic installation. The lifts combine simple components, such as glass, steel and light, with the customer’s own finishing touch. The effect is a stunning visual effect.

They are available in both hydraulic and electrical drive models, with or without a machine room. We customize our home elevators in dubai according to the design of your building with a basic finish or a premium style.


We use advance gear-less technology in home lifts. The new highly reliable machine control system automatically implements start-up torque compensation to ensure smooth start-up and improve riding comfort. Provides almost seamless acceleration, deceleration, and high-precision car leveling.

Unlike conventional hydraulic lifts, the SF400 home lift model uses advanced soft start and stop technology that is extremely energy efficient. The car runs on a rail system using elastomeric roller wheels that provide superior quiet ride comfort.


Skodfuji elevator solution includes a wide range of features. Moreover they are design to maximize safety for passengers. Similarly, it is easy for you to inspect the condition of your equipment to ensure that it operates safely at all times.

  • Automatic rescue device – Incase of power failure, the elevator allows the passengers to safety exit at the nearest floor
  • 3D door sensor
  • Ascending Car Overspeed Protection (ACOP)
  • Unintended car movement protection (UCMP)
  • Automatic braking force testing


If you are looking for an elegant and customisable lift solution, which causes minimal disruption to your daily life and reduces your builiding costs, skodfuji residential lifts are a great option!

Make your dream come true by offering your family the everyday luxury of a home elevators in dubai. Skodfuji home lift is the smart choice for 2 to 3 story for your home, commercial or residential buildings. These are tailor-made solutions where we focus our attention on the details, the materials and service to assure the family that chooses us will see the value of their home enhanced and renewed year on year.

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