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Passenger Elevator

A passenger elevator has a completely enclosed elevator which moves vertically within a specially prepared elevator shaft. Skodtec Lifts we design, manufacture and install a wide range of passenger lifts for the low, medium & high rise building , with capacities ranging from six to thirty-three persons. we can deliver a superb lift solution on time and within budget. We are continually developing new and improved passenger lift solutions. lift designs utilising both hydraulic and traction drive systems.

We offer a choice of passenger capacities and speeds ranging from 3 persons to 40 persons, with lifts operating at 0.1m/sec through to 2.5 m/sec. Be compatible with China National Codes and Europe Codes (EN81) The human-based operation interface satisfy with passengers in detail. The advanced technology apply such as reliable drive traction, Group control up to 8 sets elevators, 32bit microcomputer control VVVF(the variable- voltage & variable- frequency) control technology. Skodtec serial passenger lift is of the flexible and varied car design. It can integrate with multiple constructions into a whole. It is especially fit for the demands from the rapidly increasing demands from medium and high rise buildings. It is a most ideal choice to the guest house, restaurant, shopping centre, office building, commercial and residential building.

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SKODTEC Hydraulic lift motor drive and pumps has the high properties and quality. It brings about the extremely quiet and smooth lift running. Its oil temperature monitor system can keep the finest temperature of the oil. In this way, it guarantees the smooth elevator operation. The advanced control valve can ensure the smooth lift acceleration and deceleration under any load conditions.

Whereas the micro-computer control system assures the stable and efficient running of various components. Skodtec hydraulic lift adopts many safety means such as the safety valve which protects the hydraulic system, one way valve which prevents from the return-flow of the hydraulic oil, the anti-stall device etc.

The skodtec manufacture has been equipped with the most advanced technology and the quality supervision system in order to assure its security and reliability. Hydraulic systems are commonly used in low-rise buildings up to five stories.

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