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Automobile Elevator also known as the Car Elevator. It is the fastest way to transfer vehicles Ground to floors. For instance, Vertical movement of automobiles is necessary in residential and commercial buildings which built with multiple parking levels. It is also using in the Car Showroom and Repair Center with many Floors. However, Hydraulic Car lifts do not need a Machine Room and are power by Hydraulic Power. In addition, These Hydraulic Elevators use the Hole Less Indirect Roped Hydraulic System. These elevators are fitted with Simple Entry and Exit Power Operated Doors.

The car elevator large cabin is guided alongside the 4 or 8 symmetrically arranged rells. as a result, It solves the shaking problem caused by the unbalanced loads in the cabin. Therefore, Highly reliable light curtain protecting devices is fit-out at the entrance and the exit of the cabin, which ensures safe come and go of your car. Double-controlling-box design in the cabin makes the drivers’ operation very easy.

Car lifts are designing for low average speeds and high load capability in difficult working environments on a regular basis. This means that your vehicle elevator will last and boost your property for a long time.

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Automobile Elevator Price

Of course, a Standard automobile car elevator with a capacity of about 5000 kg would typically operate anywhere at a cost between 85000 AED and 140,000 AED, which is around the same price as a lower capacity two-post auto elevator. But, opting for a four-post auto-lift solution with a weight range of 5000 kg. It would usually cost a few thousand more dirhams. But, it may be worth it if you want to stack vehicles as well. Always check to make sure that the delivery and installation of your new car lift is include in the final price.

Skodfuji automobile elevators prices is one of the most cost-effective on the market today. We promise that we will work with you to customize the dimensions and height of your car elevator (for both existing and new buildings) to fulfill the needs of your project.

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