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A dumbwaiter elevator is a very small freight lift built to hold items instead of people. You will also find them commercially in hospitals, restaurants , hotels, and schools. Now they’re also a common addition to the residence homes. Dumbwaiter installation making it easier to move stuff up and down.

Skodtec offer Dumbwaiter Elevator, which is a small freight elevator design for carriage of lightweight freight. It is often using for moving small items such as dishes in a kitchen or books in a multistory rack assembly. Firstly, these are power up by a small electric motor with a counterweight. So,Their capacity is limit to around 250 kg. They may also be drum-operate using a roped pulley. Secondly, Standard dumbwaiter lift measurements are 20 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 30 inches high. Or 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 30 inches high. Personalized sizes are also available, so you can select dumbwaiter sizes to suit your needs. They have a maximum speed of 30 feet per minute. Also can go as far as 50 miles, allowing up to six stops.

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Dumbwaiter Elevator are simple & cost-effective

When you purchase a commercial or residential dumbwaiter elevator from skodtec. Our well-trained technicians will come to your place to mount it. Our staff are experienced about the various sizes and types of dumbwaiters. Residential customers may rely on our technicians to install their dumbwaiter lift in a safe and efficient manner. In addition, our courteous technicians appreciate the value of installing a dumbwaiter. So, They will cleaning up the area in a timely manner so that family members can return to their daily routine.

It is extensively using in the restaurant business and may also using for lifting books in libraries, to transfer goods and articles in a house, to transfer equipment in a hospital or to transport mail or similar items in an office tower. Apart from the standard sizes of dumbwaiter elevator it can also be customize according to the client’s requirement.

These dumbwaiter elevator are simple and cost-effective as well as available in two standard sizes and customized designs. If you’re concerned about making it easier to shift items between the floors of your house. We will help you find the best dumbwaiter to fit your place.

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