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Skodtec have designed state-of-the-art controllers of the latest technology, which ensure trouble-free operation and protect the total Elevator components. We offer micro processor based PLC controller as a Standard rage and PLC controllers as a special range. We offer the ARD as optional system which is designed with advanced Battery Management system for efficient as well as longevity of the Battery.

SKODTEC provides Safety Light curtains that are Opto-electronic devices used to safeguard personnel in the vicinity of moving machinery with the potential to cause harm such as (but not limited to) presses, winders and palletisers. By reducing the need for physical guards and barriers, safety light curtains can increase the maintainability of the equipment they are guarding.

SKODTEC safety equipment includes an Over-speed governor for impeding elevator car movement when a predetermined speed is exceeded. Over-speed governors include a switch that opens when the elevator reaches a predetermined over-speed such as 110% of rated speed. When the switch opens, power is removed from the machine motor and brake. A braking mechanism, actuated in response to movement of the elevator car by motion transmission means, impedes the elevator car. The switch remains open, and the elevator remains inoperable, until the switch is manually re-set.

SKODTEC uses Instantaneous safety gears, the simplest type, where the force increases as function of the distance travelled after its application. The rated speed of elevators using this type of safety is limited to 0.63 m/s. This type is quite common for low speed, low travel applications Instantaneous safety gears with buffered effect, similar in operation as the instantaneous safety gear, the shock being reduced by the use of oil-filled buffers. This type of safety gear is used for rated speeds of 1.0 m/s.

Another type used by SKODTEC is Progressive safety gears, this type has to be used for speeds in excess of 1.0 m/s and is often also used at all rated speed exceeding 0.63 m/s. The increase in force is limited by stops, build into the safety gear, to give constant friction force until the car comes to a complete stop. This to prevent dangerously high retardation levels over longer periods of time, which could cause physical harm to passengers in the elevator car being retarded.

SKODTEC Elevators operate using the emergency power source during power failure in order to prevent passengers from being trapped inside cars. Elevator resumes normal operation when power is restored.

Elevator is operated using a battery dedicated to the SKODTEC Emergency Landing Device, in order to prevent passengers from being trapped inside car during a power failure. Upon power failure, an elevator equipped with SKODTEC Emergency Landing Device automatically moves and stops at the nearest floor using a rechargeable battery (UPS), and the doors open to ensure passenger safety.